Crime Analyst Senior

The Placer County Sheriff's Office is currently accepting applications for Crime Analyst Senior.

Crime Analyst Senior

FY 23-24: $84,739 - $105,810/year

FY 24-25: $88,129 - $110,042/year

This classification will receive a 4% salary increase effective July 2024.

The Crime Analyst Senior role represents the advanced journey-level within the Crime Analyst series, demanding proficiency in executing intricate and high-level duties. The incumbent is entrusted with overseeing assigned staff directly and operates under the general direction of management.

Prospective candidates for the Crime Analyst Senior position will undergo a comprehensive background investigation, aligning with our stringent standards of integrity, professionalism, and exemplary leadership qualities. We offer competitive benefits packages; for further information on benefits, please refer to the link below.

Deputy Sheriff II PAEL

$92,456 - $112,778/year

*This classification will receive 4% salary increases effective July 2024 and July 2025. Additionally, significant incentives and additional pays are available including Uniform Allowance, POST Certificate Pay, Education Incentive, Shift Differential, Detective Division Pay, Tahoe Branch Assignment Premium, Bilingual Pay, Special Teams Pay

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office offers many exciting opportunities for California peace officers. If you are currently employed, or have employed within the last year, with one or more years of experience as a peace officer and possess a valid California POST Basic Certificate, you may be eligible for an expediated recruitment known as the Public Agency Eligibility List – PAEL process. Placer County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement services to a large area, covering the rural areas of Roseville bordering Sacramento, to the beautiful city of Tahoe.  Due to the diverse nature of the areas we serve, we are able to explore new and innovative ways to protect and serve our community in the most efficient way possible. 


  • Tuition Reimbursement: $1,200 max per fiscal year on approved classes

Full Benefits Summary, including scheduled General Wage Increases for the Placer Public Employees Organization, General & Professional Units, found here: Placer-Public-Employees-Organization-Benefit-Details-PDF ( *Please note, not all classifications and assignments are eligible for all benefits listed.

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